Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Prevent the Loss of Your Property or Business

Hire our Chapter 11 bankruptcy attorney in Barrington & Palatine, IL

When you have overdue debts with your creditors, you could be in danger of losing your property. With the help of a Chapter 11 bankruptcy attorney, you can put a stop to that. At John H Redfield & Associates, we've helped countless clients navigate filing for bankruptcy in Barrington, IL. We'll help you reorganize all your debts, including mortgage, tax and supplier debts.

You can trust that we're qualified to help you file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Learn more about our qualifications by calling 847-650-9743 now.

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We'll help you determine which plan is right for you

There are three different ways you can file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Our attorney will help you determine the right one. We can file:

  • Chapter 11 Subchapter V - Only for debts less than $7.5 million
  • Chapter 11 bankruptcy - For debts over $7.5 million
Our Chapter 11 bankruptcy attorney can also assist with single-asset real estate cases. Find out more when you reach out to us today.